Banter Candy is a top UK based online sweet shop. We stock a huge range of pick and mix sweets, traditional sweets, retro sweets and American candy. We sell sweet box hampers, sweet buckets and jars ideal for gifts, weddings and party’s. All of our sweets can be selected from our website and posted direct to your door.

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Banter Candy sweets & confectionary online sweet shop

Remember your childhood sweet shop? Banter Candy started trading in May 2021 and brings the chance to order all your old favourites and more online, with over 450 varieties of your favourite sweets including sugar-free ones!  From Retro Classics to the sourest of Sour Sweets, we have a huge range of tuck shop sweets to suit everyone.

We pride ourselves on quality, quantity, and value for money and we endeavour to exceed our customers' expectations- love the WOW factor on delivery.
Selling a variety of sweets - Gift Boxes, chocolate bouquets, personalised jars, gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian, sugar-free to name but a few.

Delivering Sweets and Treats to YOUR doorstep!

After years of being asked by family and friends to come up with birthday ideas and gifts, We thought that we would turn a good deed into a small business. Where do you begin? We thought of all the sweets we could remember from when we were kids ourselves, bought them, and put them out for sale. People liked them! But then, someone would ask, “have you got .....?” So we added that to our selection. As time went by we had more and more.

Our Top Online Sellers Are:

  1. My Banter Candy Boxes
  2. My chocolate (flower) Bouquets
  3. Personalised sweet Jars.


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Buying Sweets Online could not be easier. With the click of a few buttons, you can place an order which will get packaged up and sent out to you typically within the same day. In fact, 90% of all our orders are shipped out within 24 hours of receiving the order confirmation, and what’s more 95% of all customers receive their orders within 2 working days.  

Our huge selection of Tuck Shop Sweets to Buy Online range from Mega Sour Apple Balls, to Chewy Assorted Fudge and even Blue Lemon Sherbets, which are sure to sizzle on your tongue… Our Selection of Sweets to Order Online has something for everyone with a sweet tooth.

If you would like to buy sweets online from our extensive selection, then please get in touch today. You can order sweets online directly through our site’s store. Alternatively, if you would prefer some advice on the best sweets to choose, or to just speak with a member of staff, then please contact by ringing us on 07597 064389.

Don't just think of buying our retro sweets for Birthdays or Christmas sweets as they make great gift ideas and presents for Anniversaries, Christenings, Engagements, Weddings, to say "Congratulations" (for passing a driving test or a new baby maybe?), "Sorry" or "Thank You" (to your children's teacher at the end of the school year).  And they are a solid gold pick-me-up as a Get Well Soon gift (nostalgic sweets are so much tastier than a bunch of grapes!).